Artwork Paulo R. Out Of The Shoe Box


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We constantly gather memories and keep them in all sorts of boxes, sometimes locking ourselves inside them to avoid reality. To free ourselves, it takes more than just opening the lid. To some of us, it can mean struggling with our own identity, defying the established rules and dealing with the consequences.

–Paulo R.


Teresa Macedo ▪ female voice
Miguel “Miggs” Costa ▪ male voice
Paulo R. ▪ composition, piano
Sérgio Fiúza ▪ double bass
Francisco Brito ▪ double bass track #1
Alexandre Alves ▪ drums
Tomás Pimentel ▪ flugelhorn
Tahina Rahary ▪ electric guitar
Bruno Soares ▪ acoustic guitar
Shannon Stott-Rigsbee ▪ violin
Mikhail Bugaev ▪ viola
Nerio Olmedillo ▪ cello

Audio Processing

Rui Fingers (VBM Records) ▪ mixing and mastering
Timbuktu Studio, Lisbon, Portugal ▪ audio recording
VBM Records Studio, Lisbon, Portugal ▪ audio recording


Paulo R. ▪ production
Webtraços Lda▪design
Ricardo Silva Cordeiro ▪ photography
Hugo Macedo ▪ photography and video